Streamer's Essential Kit - Christmas Edition

Streamer's Essential Kit - Christmas Edition

Is your stream ready for CHRISTMAS? Spread some festivity to your channel.

Looking for all of the Holiday essentials in one easy to use package? Look no further. Differentiate yourself from other streamers with this professional, easy to set-up & clean Twitch pack.

The webcam, alerts and top overlay can all be made separate. What does this mean for you? More versatility to rearrange as you see fit. Power to the streamers.

The text can be modified with or without Photoshop - please follow instructions included in the .zip!

Package contains:

  • Overlay .PSD 
  • Offline screen .PSD
  • Starting soon screen .PSD
  • Chat screen .PSD
  • Intermission screen .PSD
  • Panels .PSD
  • Follower/donation Alert .PSD
  • Webcam slot
  • Alert panels
    • Follower alert
    • Donation alert
  • Offline/intermission/starting soon/chat screens
  • Overlay instructions/readme file


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