PolyColor Animated Event List

PolyColor Animated Event List

The PolyColor eventlist will display your latest followers, tippers, subscribers and more. It's optimized for use with Streamlabs and also supports Twitch, Mixer, YouTube Gaming and Facebook Live. Installation on Streamlabs is incredibly simple. It just takes one URL import and you're set to go. You can customize colors, fonts and more in the custom options tab on Streamlabs.

We're just scratching the surface of what's possible with the PolyColor Animated Eventlist. We've designed this with streamers in mind, you can customize just about everything to fit your existing stream branding.

Package contains:

  • Streamlabs import widget
    • Settings Overview
    • Package instructions/readme file


    Watch a preview:


    In order for the large messages to appear, you must clear the standard CSS added by OBS.

    Have questions? You can email us or join our Discord for further assistance.

    $12.00 $8.00