Animated Fortnite Stream Package

Animated Fortnite Stream Package

We're proud to introduce the perfect pairing for your Fortnite streams! The Fortnite overlay package replicates loot rarity colors in game, with a twist. All of the elements are animated to add to some extra flair to your channel. The stream elements can be used as an overlay or alert popup - it's up to you! Perfect for OBS, Streamlabs or xSplit.

Each section is modular, so you're free to arrange them in any way you'd like. This package is free and always will be. If you're enjoying the package, let us know on social media!

May all of the shield potions and slurp juice drops be in your favor.

Package includes:

  • Grey, green, blue, purple and orange variations
  • Animated webcam overlay
  • New cheer overlay
  • New donation overlay
  • New follower overlay
  • New subscriber overlay
  • New tip overlay
  • Subscriber goal overlay


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