Custom Design Portal: What We’ve Changed

Custom Design Portal: What We've Changed

After a few weeks of listening to our clients’ feedback regarding the VBI Custom Design Portal (our proprietary Client Management System), we’re excited to share some epic updates with you. Please continue to share your feedback with our team; we’re listening. More updates to come in the near future!

Let’s get to the new stuff. 🎉

Change Log: August, 2020

📂 Improved File Structure: FOLDERS are finally here! Here’s some cool things you can do:

  • Organize files by dragging and dropping
  • Right-click files and folders to rename them
  • Create new folders by right-clicking an empty space
  • Delete folders (and all the contents inside them – be careful!)
  • View a file’s time stamp and who uploaded it
  • VBI staff members can toggle which folders are visible to clients and which are not
  • Relocate files instantly by right-clicking and selecting “move to”

Each new project will automatically create three default folders: Client Uploads, Project Previews, and Final Deliverables. These will store your most important files.

🍞 File Path Breadcrumbs: Now that you can create complex folder structures, we want to make sure you’re not getting lost. With our new breadcrumbs feature, you can:

  • Easily see where you are in the directory file path (and navigate backwards, if needed)
  • Link directly to folder sub-directories, for easy access

🔍 File Search: No more losing documents! Use the new search bar to search by file name, author, or folder name.

🟢 Online and Offline Indicators: Now you can see exactly when one of our team members is online! As a global team, sometimes we work some off hours – we want to be as transparent as possible to our clients. This is feedback that was repeatedly heard during our client feedback calls.

📌 Pinned Messages Update: You can now pin messages for the client message tab as well! Organize all the things – and make sure your most important messages get seen.

👁‍🗨 File Viewbox: No more downloading thousands of files to view them! Now you can get a quick preview by simply selecting it.

A Special Thank You

A special shout out to our entire Creative Engineering team for their quick turnaround on these features. Last but not least, thank you to our community & clients for all of the feedback. Our products and tools are improving on a daily basis due to your feedback and suggestions. Thank you!

With 💚,
Team VBI